Are you a real expert? Never thought to teach online…?


With the massive internet development, there are a lot of possibilities to sell your knowledge. The main advantage is the possibility to achieve every world’s corner and each one, without problem of time and travel.
Most high schools too, are structured to use e-learning lessons.
If you are a student looking for gain a little or a professional teacher,
there are a lot of platforms able to help you in every way with different
costs. It could represent for you an extra-work, for example: the average gain could achieve the 25-35 euro for hour. It could be a way to promote your level of experience, giving you the possibility to have new job opportunities. And don’t forget the increasing social relationship that surely could help you to build a set of contacts into the job market.
You could deliver teaching materials so in asynchronous way, or organize real online classes developed in more hours or days. The first is the best way to start because let you and the student to choose the right time to teach/learn. On the other side the risk is to have low contact with students and don’t be able to follow them deeply. So how to start? Which platform to choose?
First think you need a plan, where you must define your skills, your objectives, the target market, your network and the way to increase it; and at last you must choose the platform where to work and the activities to deliver. Best think is if your interest area is a niche, so you do not have to worry too much about the competition.

But can all arguments be approached by online courses? Online education is less or more challenging of a traditional class education?

In this study, , Michelle Everson suggests 10 points she learned based on her experience on online teaching.

Mainly be aware you need a lot of work to prepare in right way all the activities: they often require more time, it isn’t like to move simply everything in online way, but you must review the classroom activities. Students also require a regular communication and feedback, so you must support them after the course with responses at their questions and a supportive online community. A webinair tool will be easly used for the scope: there are a lot of them on the web, you could choose it depending on the costs or the features.
The student motivation could be another problem to approach when you teach online: you need to motivate by creating group of students who cooperate and you should evaluate the use of the assignment as task to be evaluate and gradate. The use of deadlines it’s also important because it regulates the pace of each student by helping them to be on task, even if everyone could develop the course in different moments. It’s fundamental too, gather feedback from student asking what works and what doesn’t works and share with them all the ideas to improve your online course.
The last point is to register, if you want, to a specialized platform for education online. The advantages will be to have an high visibility to all the users, a technologies right to the e-learning and you don’t have to be worried about payment transactions. On the other hands the service has a fee depending of the features offered. As first start, best thing is to choose one of this platform, after you could evaluate to use a dedicated site, surely more professional but more challenging.
By the web, I selected these platforms, but surely the list could be more rich:

YouClassMe ( let to teach everything, by free registration. Available two accounts: the standard with 5% of fee over sold courses, the premium with a fix rate for month.

Ubiter ( let to teach everything, by free registration. You need to create your own announcement of the course you are selling by specifying the time and accept or not the student bookings.

Udemy ( Video-platform with high possibility to gain: you can have 100% on courses you promote by yourself of 50% if the company do it for you.

Docebo ( ideal e-learning platform to create online courses, load education materials and integrated with video-conference software. To become tutor you must pay a monthly
fee depending on the active users.

So… It is time to teach now…

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