IBM i Security Quiz (by Carol Woodbury HelpSystems)


Q: True or False: Once you start specifying values for the QPWDRULES system value, the other password composition rule system values are ignored.

Q: When is the user class (USRCLS) specified in the user profile not considered?

A. When displaying IBM i menu options
B. When checking a user’s authority to an object
C. When moving off of QSECURITY (security level) 20 to a higher security level
D. When defaulting special authorities when creating a user profile

Q: True or False: A user with *ALLOBJ will always be able to see all records in a database file.

Q: True or False: Commands such as Change Authority (CHGAUT) and Change Owner (CHGOWN) that work on IFS objects can also be used to change the authority to and owner of objects in libraries.

Q: True or False: The user is required to have authority to an outq to access the spooled files in it.

Q: True or False: No authority checking is performed when the system is running at QSECURITY level 20.

Q: Which system value does not require an IPL to take effect?

D. None of the above

Q: True or False: When you modify the password composition system values (for example, changing the minimum or maximum length or requiring a digit), users will have to change their password the next time they sign on after you make the change.

Q: What user profile attributes should be specified for service accounts?

E. All of the above

Q: True or False: A user configured as Limited Capability—LMTCPB(*PARTIAL)—can enter commands on a command line.


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