Remote Working: the example of Accenture


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One example of Remote Working is the Accenture case, described in the following article.

Accenture was one of the first companies to introduce remote work since 2009 as a kind of “agile” job. Remote work born by the evolution of consulting work, let the employee to became more responsible and manage better their time and let the company to better use spaces and buildings. Applied until two days at week It involves about 83 per cent of the workers with a fixed site to work. Managers and consultants escluded because their job is siteless. The remote working must’nt be realized necessarly from home.

The project activated in the offices of Milano, Torino, Roma e Napoli became realty thanks to the last utilities (data card, instant messaging) and the wishness to try alternative models of flexible jobs.

The remote working is settled by an agreement from the company and the worker and both have common interest to respect the terms: numbers of days, job hours and environment. The working time out of the office is defined with the help of a supervisor. The working hours corresponds to the same in the office with the requirement to respect weekend and night rest. About work environment it isn’t necessary to work necessarly from home: the company let to have equipments to work out of the office (laptop, cell phone, internet key,ergonomic kit and free ADSL).

The project has given advantages to employee, company and natural environment.


– improve the balance from private life and professional life, giving benefits to the workers who need more flexibility: parents with little children, families that must take care to their relatives

– let to work with more attention

– reduce time and costs of moving to the office


– space reduction and space optimization (near 25/30 % of reduction)

– start a path of cultural evolution

Natural environment:

– less travels means less impact to natural environment

The path to realize the project followed a specific iter. First thing a task force has been created to evaluate all the aspects with the use of legal resources, human resources, technologic resources. After an experimental group of 130 workers with different functions has been used to try and test this new way to work.

To verify the results and the improving areas two different survey has been realized, one for workers and one for supervisor. The results confirmed the project validity:

– transport time reduction from and to the office (77% of the workers)

– improuvement of the life balancing from private life and work life

– possibility to work in a more quite enviroment

From the supervisor point the success has been achieved thanks to improvement of the people’s motivation and increasing productivity.

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