Announcing IBM i 7.3 TR3 and IBM i 7.2 TR7


After the announcing of the latest Technology Refreshes (on 3 October) to the current release (IBM i 7.2 and 7.3) let us try to see the differences and the news….
The main mission of this upgrade is to cover customer requirements coming from customers advisory councils and Requests For Enhancements (RFEs). So new functions are available for all different IBM i components.

Db2 for i enhancements
Db2 has many new enhancements, about SQL capabilities and the ability to use SQL to access IBM i operating  system details. Db2 for i also delivers new features for the creation of data-centric JSON solutions,  and a new function allows IBM i history logs and security audit details to be consumable by a security information and event management (SIEM) solution. These and other enhancements are delivered via Db2 PTF Group SF99703.

New USB installation process
IBM i is introducing a new way to perform software installations using virtual media that has been copied to a Removable Mass Storage media (e.g., a USB flash drive) that’s attached to an available USB 3.0 adapter. The ESS website will offer an LIC media image specially formatted for use with USB flash drives.

IBM i Support of the 4767 Cryptographic Co-processor
IBM i is announcing support for the 4767 Cryptographic Co-processor. The 4767, announced earlier this year,  is the follow-on adapter to the 4765 Cryptographic Co-processor. It includes considerable performance improvements over the predecessor 4765, while maintaining the level of security that our clients are accustomed to. The 4767 adapter provides access to updated Common Cryptographic Architecture (CCA) APIs, automatic CPU off-loading of SSL/TLS handshakes, as well as the most secure physical adapter available for secure cryptographic master key storage.

Open Source on IBM i

Nginx has been delivered as Option 11 of the IBm i onel source solution product.
This opens source is a popular solution to web server: Nginx is added to Apache Web Server without substitute it but adding a new possibility, a new option available.
See the “A Tale of Two Web Servers” for a study on both web server.

Eclipse Orion

Eclipse Orion is a cloud-based IDE that features rich integration with git and IBM Bluemix.
It’s shipped in option 8 of 5733-OPS and with this Technology Refresh, is updated to version 13,
which brings interface and stability improvements. It also supports more languages, including Node.js, Python, HTML, CSS, Bash, CoffeeScript, JSON, Less, Properties and SQL.

The list of the features is very long so someone of these will be more deeply showed in new posts….

All and more details in the post of Steve Will and the developerworks pages:

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