IBM i in cloud: “trick or treat…?” – PART 2


Following to the study about Cloud in the previous post:

IBM i in cloud: “trick or treat…?” – PART 1

I tried to have a look around the sites that are hosting providers, trying to understand services, prices, service level and so on. The work was very hard because most of their don’t show clearly prices, term and conditions but remind to a form for requiring more info.

At the last I prepared this list.  I hope I could enrich it with your suggestions/corrections or with new hosting providers.


free 60-day trial

You shold get a quote from the:

Solution Of Interest
IBM i on POWER Server
IBM i / OS400 Version Upgrade
Disaster Recover
Hosted High Availability
On Premise High Availability
Cloud Backup And Recovery
On Premise Backup Server
Emergency Replacement Server


Basic Access to Single Partition $ 50/month
Dedicated Partition Single User (7.2, 7.1, or 6.1) $100/month
Dedicated Partition Single User (V5R3 or V5R4) $300/month

Access is provided via the internet. No VPN is needed. Users can connect directly to the partition. We can provide a secure connection to your partition with an SSH tunnel. SMTP/POP/IMAPI and other mail protocols are not available and are not allowed. If you need a mail server for development, we can supply a separate quote.

A 3-month minimum is required on all orders. After the first 3 months, billing will be done monthly.

Performance will be monitored and changes made as needed.

Production workloads and commercial development (building software for resale) cannot be allowed due to our agreement with IBM. Shareware and open source developers are welcome. Using the system to build and/or deliver educational material is not only encouraged, but welcomed. That’s what we are all about!


Abacus i Cloud Options:
– Enterprise i Cloud was created with IBM i business critical workloads in mind
– Entry i Cloud fills the void the IBM i market place has been screaming for – a low cost, short term, and ease of entry/exit cloud
– Hosting let Abacus be the final destination for your older AS/400, IBM iSeries, System i, and IBM Power Systems environments.

You should ask for a quote

4) (Germany)


You should ask for more details


You should ask for more details



and you should request for a quote








Cloud backup solutions


IBM i machines start at $157/month and grow to as big as you need

But the list could be enriched with the following:


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