The duty to prepare new generations of fans of “IBM i”

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After a little pause, caused by the updates about jobs services, I would come back with education. I consider this area one of the most important of the site, because it covers the main mission, knowledge sharing.

It is important too that older professionals help new generations to passionate to the IBM i platform: this is a duty first to let young people to be in track on the environment where they had most part of their job activity, but it is a constrain too because while their job position goes to consultant/manager level, new generations represent the space of their new activity and a continuity line from the past to the future.

So, as a father support his children in their study path, it is opportune you give an hand to next generations…..

In the next week I will work again on education by use the following approach:

1) free resources: if someone has free education resources to share, Power Point, PDF or Word could send me the documents to share. I would prepare a new release of free resources until 10 of December.

2) on demand video courses: I would realize a plan of courses on demand (intermediate level). Teachers will have soon availability of a Cloud server to realize video and exercises. All details soon, when I will have more info about Cloud solution.

The teachers who are in the teachers team will be soon be contacted to verify their availability.
I will ask each of them to install SLACK on their PC/Smartphone, a tool to be all connected in team and organize meeting.

To close, if you want to add yourself to the teacher team you could compile the form “Teaching Offers“.
If you want to suggest courses you could compile the “Course Request” form.

In alternative you could send directly a mail to

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