IBM i : four milestones for a deep modernization.

IBM i: cuatro hitos para una modernización profunda.

IBM i: quatro marcos para uma modernização profunda.

In this post I would define the main and simplest steps that everyone on “IBM i” must consider as milestones for a path to a REAL AND DEEP MODERNIZATION.

As a consequence I will follow these steps in the education pattern for the next months, using for the process a sample model that will be updated step by step, adding more complexity.

I defined the following main points:

1)           DATABASE

From DDS to DDL (Procedures, Triggers, Constraints, User defined Functions)

The modern approach to database suppose the use of modern functionalities as Procedures, Triggers, Constrains ecc.. The main mission is to move part of the logic, generally loaded into the program, to database, so to have better performance and a less complexity on the program.


(RDI, Data Studio, Navigator for i…)

The use of a modern tool is a must in a modern approach to IBM i. The advantages in term of readability, efficiency and an approach to WEB tools are out of discussion, so if you postponed the execution of this step it is now time to do it.


Based on ILE and SQL

The use of a modern RPG, of kind ILE, not necessarily free, but integrated with SQL is another must that let you move to new possibilities that old languages doesn’t have. Adding to this, a different code style will let you to improve in term of readibilty, usability and better performance: the use of procedure and service programs for example.


HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Java… etc

Often required as desired skills, web languages mustn’t be your master languages, but you should have familiarity with their use, rules and meaning, so to be able at the least to be in contact with other developers specialized in web areas to integrate your applications.


Soon the development of the first one: the database….

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