IBM i GYMN: “System i Navigator – installation”

As first step of our path I want to use and install System i Navigator, to manage databases and their components. The product is under:

“5770XE1   IBM i Access per Windows”

You should go to the following link for details about installation procedure (I am using the version 7.1):


Simply I mapped the folder QIBM\ProdData\Access\Windows and I launched the cwblaunch.exe program:



An installation window will be soon opened:


And at the end you could insert IP address and description of the connection:


You have the possibility to set a default ID for the connection:


A window like this will be available to you.  At this point right click on Schema (under Database) and you could select existing schema on the server (“Seleziona schemi da visualizzare” in this menu):


The final view shows the two schema LINKED01 and LINKED02 that we will use for our purpose:

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