Hi all,

I am happy to see that a lot of you asked me to attend to this long pattern of education.

I would thank MAINTEC ( see the link for supporting us with their server and assistance.

I prepared the first case study based on the FIRST SECTION: “physical data layer and System i Navigator”.

Every subscriber will receive until tomorrow an email with:

  • the IP address, the userid and the password to access to the server (common for each one)
  • the name of the schema where execute the exercise: I ask everyone to work only within the assigned library for creating database objects and programs too
  • the text of the exercise to realize

For this section I created a simple and little use case based on an Order (Header and Row tables).

I used only a few fields for each file, to make things simple.

I added to the Order tables a Customer and an Item table; after a few tables to retrieve fixed data: VAT code, Unit of Measure and so on.

During the other step of our pattern you could have the need to add new component on the database (views, indexes) or change the existing elements.

I will give you too, the script to create the single table, in case you don’t have enough time and you would create a bit of these tables automatically.

On an apposite FORUM, we will exchange our doubts, ideas, trials and so on….

You could organize your work when you want and you could match with the solutions that all the team will elaborate.

So now to you, practice with us !!!

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