The IBM i Products Survey

Hi all,

I would ask you to take part at the ALL400s survey.

It is important to well understand the state of the art about IBM i and his products.

The link to do it is:

The first results are available at the link:

This survey is not associated with, or assisted by, IBM Corporation, nor is it conducted by a single vendor.  We’re trying to eliminate bias to make this as accurate as possible.
A few other points:
1. All of the questions are optional
2. Survey takes less than 3 (three) minutes to complete
3. You can change your answers as things change at your company.
4. Results will be posted monthly to help maintain accuracy.

5. If you think you’ll have a job at another company someday then taking  this survey might convince your future manager to buy   a solution you like before you start working there.

Sometimes the answers to a question will appear on the next page of the PDF instead of right under the question.

Our goal is to get thousands of responses, instead of the few hundred you see in vendor surveys.  This will avoid skewing the results one way or the other.

Thank you.

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