IBM i GYMN: “System i Navigator – installation”

As first step of our path I want to use and install System i Navigator, to manage databases and their components. The product is under:

“5770XE1   IBM i Access per Windows”

You should go to the following link for details about installation procedure (I am using the version 7.1):


Simply I mapped the folder QIBM\ProdData\Access\Windows and I launched the cwblaunch.exe program:



An installation window will be soon opened:


And at the end you could insert IP address and description of the connection:


You have the possibility to set a default ID for the connection:


A window like this will be available to you.  At this point right click on Schema (under Database) and you could select existing schema on the server (“Seleziona schemi da visualizzare” in this menu):


The final view shows the two schema LINKED01 and LINKED02 that we will use for our purpose:

IBM i GYMN: come and train yourself…!!!

After a first approach on education, based on free and elementary resources, often offered by the help of colleagues inside the team, I would introduce a general plan and program about all the education pattern of the year 2018.

The main purpose is to follow the PHASES previously defined for a deep and complete IBM i modernization approach:


This pattern will surely help you to have modern skills and resume, able to approach all the positions that companies are publishing, mixing requirement for traditional and modern skills needs.

Each PHASES will be splitted in one or more then one SECTION to come more deeply in the knowledge of the arguments. Each SECTION will be developed, as main approach, by realizing directly exercises and real cases, all developed in a IBM I SERVER, that I RENT IN CLOUD, where we have a shared UserID and a couple of libraries for developing and education needs.

I would develop this free activity in groups of colleagues because this could help each one in a common interest even if everyone will be independent in term of when study or practice on the server.

I ask everyone interested to compile and submit the following form, only to let me organize about the numbers of the colleagues and to build homogeneous groups:

You could have the possibility to realize by yourself the exercises or download the related documentation. After this free training phase at least one month of support on the FORUM SECTION will be useful to discuss about problems, doubts, ideas and so on.

As final activity I could realize specific workshop or courses when I think there is the need to have more deep knowledge on a specific section.

So the sections will be developed by using the following steps:


The general idea is to realize an EXAMPLE OF SIMPLE FUNCTION starting from a modern database, created by using DDL, and after add more complexity and new situations to manage. We will try to develop an RPGLE program to write this function by using modern tools and languages; at the end we will try to realize and custom a proper web interface by the use of web languages.

In the main plan, the PHASES will be developed within the following date, but they could be postponed a little bit depending on the complexity of the area:

  • EXTENDED DATABASE (until February)
  • FIRST SECTION: physical data layer and System i Navigator
  • SECOND SECTION: data access layer (procedures, triggers, functions)
  • MODERN TOOLS (until March)
  • FIRST SECTION: introducing to the use of RDI
  • MODERN LANGUAGES (until April)
  • WEB LANGUAGES (until June)


So, I am waiting for you now…. Come into the “IBM i gymn”!!!!!

LINKEDIBMI on twitter

I inform all of you that I am adding twitter as social network to the site, adding it to LinkedIn, always user for post delivery.

I hope in this way to give more impulse to the social side of the team increasing the number of the our followers…..

New Job Services Table: “Job search is a Job too… don’t forget it!”

I would inform all of you that starting from the coming year the Job services will have the following accesses and prices listed into the page:

I ask for a little contribution in term of donation to the site to proceed in this kind of help and support for job services. With all these services my mission is to HELP THE CONTACT inside the system:

HR    –    COMPANIES    –    WORKERS

hoping to help people to try their better positions and companies to find their best workers.

I suggest again to insert your resume by using the page This will help you to have more visibility in the job world…

I will continue to find and publish new form of work as remote working and I suggest all the companies  to invest more in this direction.

I hope you will not miss your small contribution to this activity.

Thank you.


Job Requests List

I would inform all of you that, based on all the CV inserted into the site, I realized this list of positions, hoping this could be useful for HR and Companies at the link

I recommend all of you to insert your resume by using the page adding all the info required, including a photo.

Please contact me to have access to the cv-i-Library (email: