SOFT SKILLS: How to beat your first enemy: YOURSELF!!!!


Fighting against oneself is the toughest of battles;
Winning against oneself is the most beautiful of the victories.
Friedrich Von Logau

I want to start with a cycle of studies about soft skills and work relations, often very important both in your daily approach to your job and in your career.

Have you never thought that your main problem in your career path could be you, your bad habits?
How many of you have the awareness to have a look inside yourself and analize the problems?

Three aspect are foundamental to do a step more in this introspective analysis:

1) be aware that the problem could be you
2) be able to see yourself and your problems
3) have the challange to make right actions to change your situation

Banal? how many bosses are locked at the first step, hiding theirselves behind their character?

So, what do you need to pass these three steps?

1) for the first point surely the humility to admit something of wrong it’s a MUST, it’s hard to confess…
The defeats will surely help you improve the sense of humility.

2) for the second your eyes could be not enough, expecially if your critical sense or your problems’s analisys are low. So it could be necessary to listen to someone who give you suggestions, your boss, your colleagues….
Take care at the advises that someone friendly could give you, but don’t worry about what people tell you to attack or criticize you for free

3) for the third, the self-esteem, this is the pillar that is on your personal wellness and emotional growth. The way we feel the relashonship with ourself has consequence on every single aspect of our life. And this is because inside all judgments we are covered, nobody has the value of the judgment issued by ourself.

I will dedicate an apposite post on self-esteem….