Linkediseries Constitution (first version July 2017)


Linkediseries is an International Community dedicated to share IBM i culture and helping people to increase their knowledge in IBM i platform.


We connect like-minded people and organizations and we provide them access to practical, insightful and tangible resources, all of which focus on IBM i culture and professional development.
Our global organization consists of authors, coaches, managers, consultants, IT specialists companies and entrepreneurs who take care about IBM i evolution and culture.
As part of this global organization, our members have access to experts and influencers in their respective fields as well as information, feedback and advice, public or exclusive resources.
The team is composed of a Leader Group and a Leader of the whole project.

What we do

Our core business is to develop IBM i culture. This aim will be developed by the realization of the ‘linkediseries’ site with all his functionalities, forums, newsletters, blog, the distribution of courses and so on. So first mission will be the ‘support’ between people around business and technical problems; second mission will be the ‘education’ and the skills transfer with the realization of courses or education sessions. When the business will be consistent an association and an international company will be created: the model we are seeing is the ‘Happy Melly’ association.


People who want for free to take part of this team could use the ‘Contact’ form defined in the site. We defined the WordPress roles for blog, ‘moderator’ role for forums. A Group of Leaders will be defined to share comments, decisions and commitments.
Every member MUST respect other members in every discussion or situation: Leader Group could approve the exclusion of a member from the group in case of grave bad behaviours.


The Leader is the responsible of the project and the business network to the rest of the world. The leader is Angelo D’Ercole.
The Leader Group is a group of users who want to dedicate more time, interests and challenge to the project. They will be involved to take important decisions and to evaluate conduct of members.


There is no set process for decision-making in the network but the Leader will consult the Leader Group to discuss with them the strategies, the problems and everything else.


To get the network started, the first individual must sign up by ‘Contact’ form.


This Constitution is the supreme document describing the business network of linkediseries. Any rules inconsistent with it will not be counted, and the obligations contained in the Constitution must be fulfilled. Any individual or organization signing up as a member agrees to abide by the rules set out in this Constitution, including its succeeding versions, until the moment when membership terminates.


The Constitution may be changed at any time by the Leader according with the Leader Group. However, all updates to the Constitution must conform to the Change Criteria and Change Process, as outlined in this Constitution.

Change Criteria

– Each proposed change is the simplest possible thing that can work.
– The text is written in easy-to-understand (English) language and terminology.
– The proposed change is, where possible, accompanied with a suggestion for testing the solution.
– The proposed change is not in conflict with any other text in the Constitution. If there is a conflict then the proposal must be accompanied with related changes to resolve those conflicts.

Change Process

– Any member of linkediseries can offer a proposed change to the Constitution. The proposed change is valid only when all members of the network have been notified of the proposal.
– A proposed change is made available for a period of 7 days, in which it is open for evaluation, comment and discussion among all members. After this period it becomes a definite change.
– Each definite change is posted for a minimum of three days in which Leader Group is allowed to reject the change.
– A definite change is implemented when Leader Group no reject the change
– An updated Constitution is announced to all members of linkediseries.