After a first analysis about the ILE RPG components and the binding logic, see the previous post at the link , I want to have a look deeply inside the use of the code, trying to discover and explain the main differences between old RPG and ILE RPG.   PROGRAMMING STYLE – OLD AND NEW CODES I discussed previously about the advantages of ILE RPG in term of readability: extended rows and indented code
After a little overview on the history of RPG language in the previous post   I would introduce basic components and concepts about RPG ILE language. An ILE PROGRAM in general consists in one or more MODULE and every module consist in one or more PROCEDURES called subprocedures. If a subprocedure can be used in more then one place it belongs in a SERVICE PROGRAM. Now we could have a deeper analysis on these components trying
While we are near the 30th year of IBM i, in next June, I want to continue in my education pattern trough the modernization steps. I analyzed in the previous posts the importance of an extended SQL database and the use of modern tools developed with an IDE environment (I suggest you to have a look at the previous posts by the link  It is now the moment to start the analysis of the
  I updated the RedBooks Section with this RedBook about IBM Watson services…… Abstract This IBM® Redbooks® publication provides an introduction to the IBM POWER® processor architecture. It describes the IBM POWER processor and IBM Power Systems™ servers, highlighting the advantages and benefits of IBM Power Systems servers, IBM AIX®, IBM i, and Linux on Power. This publication showcases typical business scenarios that are powered by Power Systems servers. It provides an introduction to the artificial
After the introduction we had with the previous posts and the compiling details, see the links: 1) 2) 3) I would approach a bit one of the most powerful features of RDI, the debugging. I am sure I couldn’t be exhaustive because the argument is complex and articulated, but I will cover the most important aspects able to let you work on it in your daily activities. The main way to execute a
After the introduction we had with the previous posts (see the link  and the link I would discuss a bit about compiling possibilities and compiling settings.   First I would remember you that you could manage by “Host Connection Emulator” an old style section as you can see in the picture:   Coming back to the main argument, we should use RDI for compiling. Before to do that, we should manage “Library List” by adding
After the introduction we had with the previous post (see the link  I would share a few tips to quickly start to use RDI or a similar tool for your daily activities. I will focus in this post on these there aspects in particular: Sections and source management  Source compare String Search   SECTIONS AND SOURCE MANAGEMENT As we saw in the last post we could manage these sections: SECTION1 Project Navigator SECTION2 LPEX Editor SECTION3 Outline SECTION4 Remote
After I discussed the need to use an IDE environment for daily activities  (see the link, I would introduce the RDI functionalities and his environment, that is similar in every tool based on Eclipse. When you launch the tool you should first define a WORKSPACE and the related directory. The workspace is physically the working folder where all your working  objects will be stored. RDI asks you if the workspace you are using will
Thank to Jean-Christophe Cherid, we have a new education document to share, about introduction to object technology. I suggest everyone who have something to share with the Team to send me his material. The document is in the Course section, you can access with the password for common resources. Here the Summary of this document:  
Hi all, I would ask you to take part at the ALL400s survey. It is important to well understand the state of the art about IBM i and his products. The link to do it is: The first results are available at the link: This survey is not associated with, or assisted by, IBM Corporation, nor is it conducted by a single vendor.  We’re trying to eliminate bias to make this as accurate
  By this post, I would start with the analysis of the second phase of our modernization pattern:   MODERN TOOLS   First of all I want to show you the main advantages to use an Integrated Development Environment and after I would show you different kind of tools I found. If you want to suggest something different, I will appreciate it.   Why to use an IDE I am sure most of you are
Hi all, after the first case study (see the link  dedicated to the database creation and the use of the “System i Navigator” tool, we could go ahead with our path approaching the second case study. I would thank MAINTEC ( see the link for supporting us with their server and assistance. I prepared a little example about PROCEDURES that write records on database files: every subscriber will receive the details of the CASE STUDY. You could practice
After we have seen PROCEDURES and TRIGGERS, see the following posts: we could close the panoramic of the SECOND SECTION by illustrating the FUNCTIONS. The approach is similar: under your schema you could access to the menu able to create a new SQL Function:   The following window will be opened and in the first tabbed you could indicate the name of the function and the schema:   In the Parameters tabbed you
After I discussed a bit on procedures and how to create them (see the previous post, I would now show you something about TRIGGERS. As you can see you could launch the trigger creation by the menu ‘Trigger’ on your schema. I will discuss only about SQL trigger, not External trigger:   A window like this will be opened. Then you should indicate trigger name and schema and the table name and schema of
After the start of the FIRST SECTION – CASE STUDY (see the link: we could go ahead to the next step of our education pattern: SECOND SECTION: “Data access layer – Procedures, Triggers,  Functions” I would thank MAINTEC ( see the link for supporting us with their server and for the their assistance.   I remember you that you could execute the scripts of the exercise if you don’t have enough time by the following steps. First
I added into the Redbook section this redbook, recently updated:   Abstract Application development is a key part of IBM® i businesses. The IBM i operating system is a modern, robust platform to create and develop applications. The RPG language has been around for a long time, but is still being transformed into a modern business language. This IBM Redbooks® publication is focused on helping the IBM i development community understand the modern RPG language.
Il nuovo Regolamento sulla Protezione dei Dati dell’Unione Europea (GDPR) applica ad aziende di tutto il mondo che conservano e processano dati sui residenti dell’Unione Europea ed entrerà in vigore il 25 Maggio del 2018. Le multe possono arrivare fino a 10 milioni di Euro. In meno di 4 mesi tutti i sistema e le politiche di sicurezza, come conservazione e trasmissione dei dati personali tra gli altri, dovranno essere aggiornati per essere in linea
Hi all, the Job section need to be supported by your subscription or I will review my effort, now that I am focusing for education section too. As you know I am doing these activities during my free time and I spend a lot of time in job search and job insert into DB and maps. So I would know if you are really interested to receive this kind of info or not…. Please consult
With more than 1400 nominations and 650 IBM Champions selected, IBM closes the program for the 2018 nominations. Congratulations to all!! Follow the link for more details.
Hi all, I am happy to see that a lot of you asked me to attend to this long pattern of education. I would thank MAINTEC ( see the link for supporting us with their server and assistance. I prepared the first case study based on the FIRST SECTION: “physical data layer and System i Navigator”. Every subscriber will receive until tomorrow an email with: the IP address, the userid and the password to access
Following the IBM i GYMN activities ( see the main post:  ), I started with details about the  database created by DDL and SQL instructions and by the use of “System i Navigator” ( if you need to install it follow this post: ). In the previous posts: I discussed about table creation modality: and keys, constraints, queries: In this post I will discuss about the way to add views and indexes on our tables. As
Following the IBM i GYMN activities ( see the main post:  ), I started with details about the  database created by DDL and SQL instructions and by the use of “System i Navigator” ( if you need to install it follow this post: ). In the previous post: I discussed a bit about the the base modalities to create and elaborate tables on our schema. Usually we use the following commands: CREATE TABLE –
As I told you previously ( )  the IBM i GYMN is starting and I am receiving the subscriptions to partecipate.  While I am contacting and waiting for other colleagues, I suggest you first to install “System i Navigator”  tool. See the following post: In this while I will publish a few posts dedicated at the FIRST SECTION, that are necessary to introduce you to the arguments. The section will be closed with the main
As first step of our path I want to use and install System i Navigator, to manage databases and their components. The product is under: “5770XE1   IBM i Access per Windows” You should go to the following link for details about installation procedure (I am using the version 7.1):   Simply I mapped the folder QIBM\ProdData\Access\Windows and I launched the cwblaunch.exe program:     An installation window will be soon opened:   And at the end
After a first approach on education, based on free and elementary resources, often offered by the help of colleagues inside the team, I would introduce a general plan and program about all the education pattern of the year 2018. The main purpose is to follow the PHASES previously defined for a deep and complete IBM i modernization approach: EXTENDED DATABASE MODERN TOOLS MODERN LANGUAGES WEB LANGUAGES This pattern will surely help you to have modern
I selected for this week the following positions….. There are jobs for all the continents. Inside the maps, I inserted the company icon, where the company is known, trying a new graphic approach. I suggest all of you to subscribe to this services: 1)  Job ads 2) Job maps and Job alerts To do it, please consult the pages for more details about the prices. It is a little help to the site development, no more…..
I start to list the new events scheduled. You can see them at the page:   Thank you.  
I selected for this week the following positions….. Inside the maps, I inserted the company icon, where the company is known, trying a new graphic approach. I remember all of you to subscribe to this services: 1)  Job ads 2) Job maps and Job alerts To do it, please consult the pages for more details about the prices. It is a little help to the site development, no more….. I would remember you that everyone
Modernización de IBM i – Base de datos ampliada: “SQL Procedures, Triggers, User defined functions, Constraints” Modernização “IBM i” Base de dados estendida: “SQL Procedures, Triggers, User defined functions, Constraints”   Summary In the previous posts I discussed about the need to move to DDL and SQL technology from DDS: and how to do it, by re-engineering the database: In this study I want to elaborate on the possibilities that SQL and the
I inform all of you that I am adding twitter as social network to the site, adding it to LinkedIn, always user for post delivery. I hope in this way to give more impulse to the social side of the team increasing the number of the our followers…..
  I would inform all of you that recently Giovanni Perotti, responsible of the easy400 tools, delivered a list of Example of API calls based on the recent version of IBM i platform. All the examples are available in source file APGUIDE/XRPGLESRC. I suggest to consult the list that will be surely updated in the future by using the link:  
I would inform all of you that starting from the coming year the Job services will have the following accesses and prices listed into the page: I ask for a little contribution in term of donation to the site to proceed in this kind of help and support for job services. With all these services my mission is to HELP THE CONTACT inside the system: HR    –    COMPANIES    –    WORKERS
I would inform all of you that, based on all the CV inserted into the site, I realized this list of positions, hoping this could be useful for HR and Companies at the link I recommend all of you to insert your resume by using the page adding all the info required, including a photo. Please contact me to have access to the cv-i-Library (email:  
I would close the year with a bit of humour…. I wish a 2018 very exiting and promising for all of you!!! Happy new year!!!
I selected the following positions around the world. Because of the holiday I had a little delay, so I joined the last two weeks. I remember all I launched the Jobs Maps and Jobs Alerts services, by a little donation. Next year Jobs too will be available by a little donation, please consult the Job Service Table at the link I suggest all to insert the resume at the page   HR could have access to these
Reingeniería de la base de datos: las 3 fases para hacerlo. Reengenharia de banco de dados: as 3 fases para fazê-lo.   For more details about this analysis please have a look at the following RedBooks (available into the site): Modernizing IBM i Applications from the Database up to the User Interface and Everything in Between Tools and Solutions for Modernizing Your IBM i Applications In the previous posts I analyzed the main steps of
Modernización de IBM i: base de datos ampliada: “DDS Versus DDL” IBM i modernization – Banco de dados estendido: “DDS Versus DDL”   Summary Scope of this study is to move into the first big step of the pattern defined in the post: moving to “IBM i modernization”. In this post I would analyze and synthetize the main reasons will suggest all to realize this process (from DDS to DDL), avoiding technical details and
Here the updates of all the countries. As the usual most of them from USA and INDIA, only a few of them from South America. I spend a lot of of time, I hope these updates are useful for all of you…. Good luck!!! Please consult the categories indicated in this table before to consult the maps:          
Did you try to use SFTP or SSHD with a user ID that have more than 8 character and have see the following error ? No user exist for uid 1742  There is an eight-character limitation on the user profiles that can access the IBM i through SSHD. The eight-character limitation is also placed on any group profile that the user might be a member of. If any of the other members in a group
  Based in the categories I selected, I added these job maps about ASIA, most of them on INDIA…..  
Based on the Job categories I specified, I selected for Europe the following positions about jobs published before 10 of December.      
  Following the job categories indicated, the USA maps show the following positions. I forced into Consultant all similar positions (Analyst, Software Engineer, Architect and so on…) that means the main activity is to drive projects and teams. Where the markers cover themselves, in detailed maps, it means they are the same categories, on the others cases I tried to move them a little bit  for a better visualization. The USA as the usual offer
Following the activities about “DATABASE MODERNIZATION” I loaded in the site the following free resources and RedBooks. The first two has been loaded into the Courses section, the others are Redbooks. The first one is a presentation a complete pattern to the modernization of the database starting from the DDS to DDL with all SQL meanings and notations to create indexes, views and so on…   The second is a study about reengineering strategy and
IBM i: cuatro hitos para una modernización profunda. IBM i: quatro marcos para uma modernização profunda. In this post I would define the main and simplest steps that everyone on “IBM i” must consider as milestones for a path to a REAL AND DEEP MODERNIZATION. As a consequence I will follow these steps in the education pattern for the next months, using for the process a sample model that will be updated step by step,
I updated the RedBooks section with the following books. I remember you to use the password I sent you.                                   
If you never have heard about this tool I recommend you to have a look at the page: JCRCMDS is a library free tool with a lot of utilities: RPG conversion, operation on source and file, Object, File System, XML, Animation, Games and so on…. The tool is FREE and it uses the Free Software Foundation license.  
I will introduce soon in the Job maps the following new markers. These will indicate jobs about categories and different times (one color for week). The main categories will be: R RPG programmer C COBOL programmer O Consultant A Administrator M Manager   I am sure the new Markers will make the maps easier to consult……
It is a pleasure to host in our site a great company in term of passion for technology and modernization,  “Great place to work 2017” in Poland,  that  focus on Legacy Systems too: “Sii Poland“.   Sii Poland is the top IT & engineering services provider, established in 2006 and hiring over 3100 engineers. In order to better understand client’s needs and develop their products perfectly, the company has established a units, focusing on selected field
Spanish version Purtugues version After a little pause, caused by the updates about jobs services, I would come back with education. I consider this area one of the most important of the site, because it covers the main mission, knowledge sharing. It is important too that older professionals help new generations to passionate to the IBM i platform: this is a duty first to let young people to be in track on the environment where
In this study I would elaborate on the need to recuperate code from an object, or to protect code when you don’t want that someone could recover your source. Spanish version. Portuguese version. It could happen that you want to work on a program but you aren’t able to find source, the object description indicates a library/source file no more existing or the source member isn’t simply there. If the source object is a CLP/CLLE
Es un placer informarle que, al recopilar las sugerencias de algunos de mis colegas, he decidido traducir (por traductor) en español y portugués. Espero que esto pueda ayudar a todos aquellos colegas que no estén familiarizados con el idioma inglés. Después de algunas pruebas de plug-in y después de evaluar las dificultades para construir un sitio de dominios múltiples, decidí adoptar una solución multilingüe integrada: el sitio básicamente seguirá siendo único y con inglés básico,
I updated the RedBooks section with the following book. I remember you to use the password I sent you.        
It is a pleasure to communicate you that our Team has been selected for a grant from “Maxava i Foundation”, an association that promote and support user groups to grow the IBM i community. This is a good news because the funds that Maxava turned us , even if less then waited, will be used both to cover site hosting-plugins costs and to rent an IBM i server, as I promised, and develop education activities directly
To better understand all the services introduced about job area and the availability for each one I published this table with the list of them at the page: I hope this will help you in order to be a final user. For every doubt or requirement please don’t hesitate to contact me at the mail   Thank you.  
Hi all, we are creating a team of blogger about IBM i. The objective is to increase in term of content, news or everything else, the blog area, by enriching it with the contribution of different experts around the world and with different experience area. The Team will develop ideas, share links, opinions by the use of SLACK tool, a simple tool to be connected in team and chat when there is the need. If
It is a pleasure to inform you that I introduced two new services about jobs. The need is to have more professional and immediate job services, in a world that changes so quickly. With these services I complete the first big area of job services that I call “HELP TO FIND”. It means try to help HR, companies, workers to meet themselves more quickly and with more professionality. New more professional services will be in
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After more then 200 job ads published on the site, it is possible to have a general idea about what companies are asking about their profiles. Most part of the jobs are related to Programmer and Administrator position but Consultants and Managers are included too. The study has been developed simply by “keyword search” into all the job ads, trying to cover most part of technical skills or words used in these kind of post.
  Following to the study about Cloud in the previous post: IBM i in cloud: “trick or treat…?” – PART 1 I tried to have a look around the sites that are hosting providers, trying to understand services, prices, service level and so on. The work was very hard because most of their don’t show clearly prices, term and conditions but remind to a form for requiring more info. At the last I prepared this
The new service “RESUMES” has been added to the services of the site. HR or companies could search for profile by category or  location:   A list of available profile will be showed. The service is protected and available by payment. For more info please send an email to
I would invite you to support my nomination as “IBM i Champion” based on the program that IBM develops, to give a recognition to people who helps technical community in the spread of IBM culture. (see the link This nomination could be helpful for me to be in contact with other champions or IBM colleagues and give more visibility to our team. To support my nomination follow the following link and fill the mandatory fields as
In this study I will give more details about tools showed in PART1 ( I hope it could be useful to understand how these tools work, even if only by try them, you will discover all the details for a better use. One step more for modernization. First I would analize “RPG Conversion Wizard (by HelpSystems)”. HelpSystems offers a free license for 30 days or 10 conversions: please see guide for more details. In this
  Following the need to keep in touch job requests and offers, I realized a new service called “CV-i-Library” with the mission to store Curriculums of IBM i workers and to keep them available in a new service for HR and companies. Service is available for registered user only at the page users not registered will be automaticly created by the submit phase. Registered users must sign-in before to submit their CV. For every
With this study I will discuss about vantages and doubts on cloud, especially related to IBM i platform. In the second part we will analyze hosting providers for IBM i. First of all we should remember that cloud computing is an information technology paradigm, a model to share ubiquitous pools of configurable resources (computers networks, servers, applications, services, storage). Cloud allows users to store and process data either in private or a third part server,
In this study the reasons to move to modern free-form language and the tools to do it. In the PART 2 we will see an example of conversion. Available from the release V5R1 in the year 2001, on the RPG IV, the free from has been soon used extensively after positive feedback of developers. The free-form syntax is a big improvement to the RPG language and has many productivity advantages. Developers can only enter their RPG
The linkedibmi portal offers the possibility to post in a blog area. Every user receives a special role identified by WordPress as “Contributor” the minimum role required to write a post ( to see the complete role list have a look at the Your experience, your ideas, your solutions and your knowledge are important both to you and to people who could receive these info and enlarge the culture of the IBM i people. Don’t
In a recent interview Mariano Corso, professor at the “Politecnico di Milano” and responsible of the Observatory Smart Working, declared: “Forget old models of flexible jobs of the last years, from the telework to part-time. Smart working is another thing, in Italy, is about 305.000 workers but could be estimate in 13,7 billion of euro of value added. It is a managerial model that manage the interaction from company and worker over work modality to
  Based on a recent interview on the linkedibmi team, most part the colleagues declared it is a Good/Excellent idea to introduce experience in Remote Working in IBM i platform. The reasons could be different: try to add an extra income to the existing jobs, be sure to have a valid alternative in case of dismissal… or maybe as main job. With this strong motivation we are looking for companies that work by remote modality
  After the announcing of the latest Technology Refreshes (on 3 October) to the current release (IBM i 7.2 and 7.3) let us try to see the differences and the news…. The main mission of this upgrade is to cover customer requirements coming from customers advisory councils and Requests For Enhancements (RFEs). So new functions are available for all different IBM i components. Db2 for i enhancements Db2 has many new enhancements, about SQL capabilities and
  (From the link One example of Remote Working is the Accenture case, described in the following article. Accenture was one of the first companies to introduce remote work since 2009 as a kind of “agile” job. Remote work born by the evolution of consulting work, let the employee to became more responsible and manage better their time and let the company to better use spaces and buildings. Applied until two days at week
Answering to your requests, I added “job ads” service in the site. At the moment the service is free and without password, I will see later if it is necessary to protect and limit this service only to the team or require a little fee. There are two new pages: 1) “Jobs” that lists all the jobs: I will insert the most important for the moment by searching for the main sites.       I will try to
  Q: True or False: Once you start specifying values for the QPWDRULES system value, the other password composition rule system values are ignored. Q: When is the user class (USRCLS) specified in the user profile not considered? A. When displaying IBM i menu options B. When checking a user’s authority to an object C. When moving off of QSECURITY (security level) 20 to a higher security level D. When defaulting special authorities when creating a
The last and most tedious task (for me anyway) in delivering expert applications is user documentation. It seems like many years ago when companies would actually have technical writers on staff and they would document everything to the Nth degree. Now businesses are run lean (too lean in many cases) and it’s up to the programmer to create user documentation if any is created at all. This article will show a very simple way to
  I try for the first time to translate in different languages, please click on your preferred language (I apologize in advance for any mistakes): For more info: Autostima: la forza di essere amici di se stessi
  Mon, Sep 25, 2017 1:00 PM CDT (8:00 PM CEST) Join Steve Will, Pete Massiello and Trevor Perry as they discuss the top concerns of IT executives running mission-critical applications on IBM i. Addressing key issues around alignment, security and skill shortages, they’ll help you understand: How to leverage existing applications to meet evolving business needs The total cost of ownership of IBM i compared to other systems The value of modernizing your applications
  The HelpSystems Security Scan is the place to start when you want to secure your IBM i (System i®, iSeries®, AS/400®). HelpSystems, leader in security solutions, offers a security scan to check your IBM i. The free Scan provides a snapshot of your current system security in just 10 minutes. It runs directly from a network-attached PC, without modifying any system settings. The Security Scan audits common security metrics and displays the results in
  Fighting against oneself is the toughest of battles; Winning against oneself is the most beautiful of the victories. Friedrich Von Logau I want to start with a cycle of studies about soft skills and work relations, often very important both in your daily approach to your job and in your career. Have you never thought that your main problem in your career path could be you, your bad habits? How many of you have the
  Nice to meet you …. The group is growing everywhere in the world:  find your colleagues in your country in the  “Team page”  !!! Share here your opinions about the site, your ideas, your expectations or just talk about you if you want …. I appreciate your feedback. Thank you. Bye.
  By using the free security scan Helpsystems executed the annual security study over a various set of 332 companies servers. The results show a series of weakness over seven critical areas: – Server-level security controls – Profile and password settings – Administrative capabilities – Network-initiated commands and data access – Public accessibility to corporate data – System event auditing – Virus scanning We will examine step by step the single areas, suggesting better solutions. For the
  We join to this initiative to require RDI lite for free… thanks to Hassan Farooqi (Sr. IBM i Developer). Pls vote by this link (YOU MUST HAVE AN IBM ID):
22 August        Security Alert! Prevent FTP and ODBC Data Breaches on IBM i 31 August        Getting Started with IBM i Security: Integrated File System (IFS) 5 September   Getting Started with IBMi Security: System Values 6 September   Getting Started with IBMi Security: System Values 12 September Encryption on IBM i Simplified Edition1  12 September Encryption on IBM i Simplified Edition2 14 September Getting Started with IBM i Security: Object Authority 20
  Don’t miss the IBM i User Conference in Virginia. This year hands on labs with: – PHP , .NET, – RDi, – Introduction to Git, HTML,CSS and JavaScript Speakers: Steve Will Chief Architect for IBM i, responsible for strategy and planning related to the operating system and its related products and solutions. Also Trevor Perry , John Valance, and Charlie Guarino. All details on:
A little background: Way back in 2007, right after the housing and financial market crash, I found myself in a stagnant, boring position as a maintenance programmer. After developing custom solutions for the previous 20 years I felt I either had to learn something new or exit the IT field. I first looked at Java and I have to admit that it gave me a headache. Coming from the COBOL (in the 80’s) and RPG
Take a look at the deadlines…..
  With the massive internet development, there are a lot of possibilities to sell your knowledge. The main advantage is the possibility to achieve every world’s corner and each one, without problem of time and travel. Most high schools too, are structured to use e-learning lessons. If you are a student looking for gain a little or a professional teacher, there are a lot of platforms able to help you in every way with different costs.
FORM BY CGIDEV2/JQUERY MOBILE Summary This form sample shows only a possible solution to move on Mobile devices native iseries applications. Obviously the example has no application meaning and don’t want to be a course, it is used only for understand the interactions between components of the software architecture. The tool library CGIDEV2 was used for the realization, rich in tools and utilities for portability of native applications on the web, and the framework jQuery
That’s one small step for a site like this but one giant leap for mankind!