FORM BY CGIDEV2/JQUERY MOBILE Summary This form sample shows only a possible solution to move on Mobile devices native iseries applications. Obviously the example has no application meaning and don’t want to be a course, it is used only for understand the interactions between components of the software architecture. The tool library CGIDEV2 was used for the realization, rich in tools and utilities for portability of native applications on the web, and the framework jQuery
That’s one small step for a site like this but one giant leap for mankind!
Hi all, I want to congratulate each one to accept to take part of this project. Mission will be very strong and we need passion to achieve our objectives. In this weekend I prepared user profile for all and so everyone is ready to access to the site with more privilege. I would thank Darryl Freinkel who suggested me new requirements for the site: i will define them and prepare a plan of release. This