New job services: “Job Alert” and “Job Maps”

It is a pleasure to inform you that I introduced two new services about jobs.

The need is to have more professional and immediate job services, in a world that changes so quickly.

With these services I complete the first big area of job services that I call “HELP TO FIND”. It means try to help HR, companies, workers to meet themselves more quickly and with more professionality.

New more professional services will be in the near future introduced if most of you appreciate this first step.



The first one is an alert system that let you to select specific jobs by Keywords, Categories, Job Type and Location.

You could indicate the Frequency of the mail communication and define more then one Alert by clicking on “Add alert”


You could test by “Send Now” your alert or execute the available functions showed:



The second is a different way to consult and catch jobs, by using maps.

Soon all the job published (until the past 7 days) will be on the maps.

A map for each continent will graphically list all opened positions:


If you select one of this jobs a window will give you first details:


If you press “more details” you will see the complete information and you could apply:


I hope this new services will help you to find or change your position more quickly.

This couple of services require a little payment that has been modulated over your country to help regions less rich. The price table will be the following:



 COUNTRY (by GDP/capita) (*)


Cost for one year



Top 50 Countries


12 Euro


Top 100 Countries


8 Euro


All other Countries

4 Euro


(*)The country indicates the country where the you comes. The GDP/capita is a classification of country’s richness.

The payment could be done by the ‘Donate’ button in the main page: